DT9820 시리즈
  • Four separate 24-bit A/D converters
  • Time base independent channels
  • Variable resolution is set based on sample rate: 6.25 S/s to 960 S/s
  • 16-bit analog output (DT9822)
  • 16 digital TTL input/output signals (8 in, 8 out)
  • External start/stop control lines for each A/D converter.
  • Simultaneous subsystem supported to write/read from all subsystems independently.
  • 500V isolation prevents ground loops and protects your computer.
  • True plug-and-play: one cable supplies power and connections to the USB module, easy external connections, and hot-swapping capability
  • Item Description
    DT9821 USB DAQ Module; Four 24-bit, 6.25-960 S/s analog inputs
    DT9822 USB DAQ Module; Four 24-bit, 6.25-960 S/s analog inputs, two 16-bit analog outputs
    DIN RAIL KIT DIN Rail Mounting Kit for USB DAQ Modules
    STP9820 Screw Terminal Panel for DT9820 Series USB DAQ Modules. Provides access to all supported input and output connections.

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