• IEPE or Voltage inputs
    • ISO-Channel™ provides ±500V galvanic isolation channel-to-channel for all I/O signals and grounds
    • 4 Simultaneous, 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D channels for high resolution measurements, or use as 4 IEPE inputs for direct sensor connection
    • Input range of ±10V with gains of 1 and 10, software selectable
    • 4mA current source with 24V compliance voltage, software selectable
    • AC/DC coupling, software selectable
    • sample rate up to 52.734 kHz, programmable
  • Total In Sync Data
    • ADCs, Tachometer, Counter and DAC feedback channels sampled simultaneously and can be selectively included in input sample data
    • Two 32-bit counters for measuring tachometer, gate and ADC conversion relationships
  • Continuous Waveform Output
    • One 24-bit D/A Converter, +/- 10 volts
    • On-Board memory allows continuous waveform output without host communication (2 – 128k Samples)
    • Sample rate up to 52.734 kHz, Programmable
    • 16-bit feedback ADC to allow correlation of output stimulus with sampled input data
  • Robust Digital Outputs
    • 4 digital outputs can switch up to +/-30V @ 400 mA... Ideal for driving mech relays or motors
  • Module Expansion
    • Stack up to 16 modules for parallel operation of 64 channels (IEPE or voltage) via the Trigger Bus
    • Several Trigger options: Software, External TTL trigger input, Variable threshold trigger, Trigger Bus, LAN Trigger Packet
    • Synchronization reference clock, ADC sync and trigger input/output via Trigger Bus for synchronizing multiple up to 16 instrument modules
  • Item Description
    DT8837 DT8837 Ethernet Instrument Module
    EP377 Trigger Bus cables
    EP379 Dual-Rack Mount Kit
    EP380 Single-Rack Mount Kit
    STP8837 DIN Rail Mountable Screw Terminal Panel (includes EP378 cable)

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