LTT184 / LTT186 Transient Recorder 고속샘플링 데이터로거
- 20MHz 12bit 10MHz 14bit 2.5MHz 16bit 고속,고분해능
- 50V DC전압 측정
- 8채널 GALVANIC ISOLATION (16ch 옵션)
- 128MB~512MB 내장 메모리 40G HDD
- LTT 186 a PC없이 내장 HDD만으로 현장 저장 가능
- 고속,장시간 저장하는 레코더
- 자동차 전장 , 소음 ,진동에 적절한 Special Trigger
- 각각의 채널에 대한 편리한 Calibration
- AC Adapter, DC전원 2 way 전원
NEW: LTT24 - measurement system including measuring amplifier - One for all! - Distinguished with the MessTec&Sensor Masters Award 2013 


As with a good orchestra, the innovative concept of the LTT24 is based on optimising every single component, such as preamplifier and A/D converter, but also mains adapter, sensor supply, sensor cable and more, as well as their harmonic interaction within the overall system.

The LTT24 is so well thought through that there is no room for measuring errors!

Slow, fast and very fast channels can be combined in one modular unit.

With all error sources consistently minimized, the full precision of the LTT24 preamplifier can be exploited. Distortion and noise together are close to -100 dB and allow an ENOB (effective number of bits) of true 16 bit across a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes.

The LTT24 mains adapters work highly synchronously at half the ADC clock speed and thus remain invisible over the total bandwidth from DC to 2 MHz. The common mode rejection of the differential amplifiers - crucial for the suppression of external, typically high-frequency stray pick-up from the sensor cables - allows adjustment from DC to more than 1 MHz bandwidth at the touch of a button, and this better than -100 dB. All measurement channels (such as voltage, current, resistance, ICP, LVDT, strain gauge, charge) are galvanic isolated and provide stable sensor supply up to the MHz range – in fact, more precisely than the measurement resolution of
-117 dB.

Modular cabinets:

  • 4, 8, 12, 16 or 32 slots
  • Extendable at any time


Modular options:

  • 1 - 64 analogue outputs
  • 1 - 256 digital IOs
  • 1 - 4 internal SSD hard disks and battery for "stand-alone" or "time-delayed view"   -  
    Don't ever miss an important moment again! Just rewind!


Modular channels:

  • Ultra-performance: 24 bit with 4 MSample/s per channel
  • Unmatched accuracy on the market: amazing 16 ENOB!
  • Unmatched flat bandwidth on the market: amazing DC - 1.7 MHz
  • Best common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) on the market
  • Best galvanic isolation: No-Noise DC/DC supply with 2 MHz clock
  • Adequate sensor supply: Voltage, current, carrier frequency
  • Inputs for: Voltage, charge, ICP, strain gauge, current, LVDT, resistance …
  • Slow channels: 24 bit with 2 kSample/s
  • 4 channels per slot
  • For temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Digital channels
  • CAN Bus, SPI, Clock, Pulse
  • for measurement on cars
  • for measurement of rotational fluctuations in the nanosecond range. 



  • Synchronisation interface for external hardware
  • SyncE and IEEE 1588: Nanosecond synchronisation via Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB3.0 and Dual Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC.



LTT24 front panel with inputs for:

  • Strain gauge, ICP, charge, voltage, current
  • CAN bus
  • Thermo

LTT24 rear panel with:

  • Analogue outputs
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Digital IOs
  • Synchronisation
  • USB3.0



  • LTTpro:   Control and Visualisation Software
  • LTT2API: Library for integration in customer applications
  • LTTxxx:    Compatible with LabView, DasyLab, Matlab, etc.

 Brochure and specifications for download:

 Manual and Pin layout DIN connector:

LTT24-Manual, 5015 KB
LTT24 Inputs for measuring sensors

Strain Gauges


The LTT24 provides optional inputs for strain gauges.

1/4, 1/2 and full bridges are supported.

Adjustable sensor supply: 1, 2, 5, 10V (maximum 1W per channel.)

Internal extra resistors: 120 and 350 Ohm.

Sense line


ICP Sensors

 The LTT24 provides optional inputs for ICP sensors.

Accelerometers, pressure sensors, measurement microphones and many others can be connected.

Constant current can be selected between 0.5mA and 10mA in 0.5mA steps.


Charge Sensors

 The LTT24 provides optional inputs for charge sensors.

Pressure sensors, hydrophones and many others can be connected.

  Measuring range: +/- 5nC

Sensitivity: 1mV/pC

High-pass 150mHz, 1,5Hz and 15Hz

Automatic and manual discharging of the capacity.

Voltage and Current Inputs

 The LTT24 offers voltage and current inputs.

Measuring ranges +/-250mV, 5V, 50V and optionally 200V.
Plus +/-50mA

24bit A/D converter.

Sample frequency: up to 4MSample/s per channel

Bandwidth: DC - 1,7MHz

Very low noise: -100dB to FSR at 1MHz

16bit ENOB (Effective number of bits)

More information:  r_435


Pulse Input


The LTT24 provides optional inputs for pulse signals.

Each Pulse Module has up to 3 inputs (A, B, Z) that are sampled with 1.024GHz.

Input range -30…+80V with digitally adjustable trigger threshold.

A: Pulse input (sinusoidal or TTL)

B: Direction of rotation (for example cosine)

Z: 0° identification. One pulse per revolution.

Internal calculation of φ angle and its time derivatives φ' und φ''.

Plus ∆φ and ∆φ' and ∆φ'' for a virtual uniformly rotating system.

Analogue output of one mathematical result per Pulse Module.

Output amplitude circa ±5V Possible applications:

Tip Timing on turbines

Rotational vibration analysis

The analogue outputs can for example be used to connect a FFT Analyser and to analyse the ∆φ signal.

LTT24 Stand-Alone Recorder

 The LTT24 measurement system with integrated SSD

As an option, the LTT24 measurement system is also available with a built-in 64GB SSD. (Other SSD sizes on request.)

The system allows uninterrupted recording of measured data with more than 256MByte/s onto the internal SSD.

The 24bit A/D converters generate a data flow of 4Byte per sample with up to 4MSample/s per channel.

This results in a maximum overall sampling rate of 64MSample/s per LTT24 unit.

Using the maximum sampling rate of 4MSample/s (bandwidth DC-1.6MHz), you can record 16 channels for 4 minutes onto the internal 64GByte SSD.

Recording length on 64GByte SSD

Sampling rate



[DC - kHz]

Recording length


16 4 1600 4
16 2 800 8
16 1 400 17
16 0,5 200 34
16 0,25 100 68
16 0,125 50 136


16 channels with 1MSample/s per channel (or less) can be stored directly and without interruptions on a computer hard disk using a USB 3.0 interface.

This requires a computer and an internal hard disk (SSD) with sufficient performance!




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