The EX-9510/A repeater boosts the RS-422(EX9510A)/485 signals to extend the reach distance up to 4000 ft (1200m) and increase the maximum number of connected nodes up to 128.

With a special circuitry, EX-9510/A is able to automatically detect the data flow and switch the direction of the data lines accordingly.

“Auto baud rate detector” enables EX-9510/A to automatically configure RS-422(EX9510A)/485 signals to any baud rate without external switch setting.

Build in Opto-isolations on EX-9510/A provides 3000VDC of isolation to protect the host computer from ground loops and destructive voltage spikes on the RS-422(EX9510A)/485 data lines.

EX-9510 also offers internal surge-protection on the data lines. Internal high-speed transient suppressors on each data line protect the module from dangerous voltages levels or spikes.

 User Manual


  • Automatic internal RS-422(EX9510A)/485 bus supervision
  • No external flow control signals required for RS-485
  • Minimum 3000VDC isolation protection
  • Transient suppression on RS-485 data lines
  • Supported baud rate up to 115.2Kbps
  • Reach distance up to 4000 feet (1200m)
  • Reserved space for termination resistors (R8,R9)
  • Power and data flow indicator for troubleshooting
  • Power requirement: +10V to +30VDC
  • Mounts easily on DIN-rail or panel


  • Power requirement: Unregulated +10 to +30VDC with protection from power reversals
  • Case: ABS with captive mounting hardware
  • Accessories (Supplied): NYLON DIN-rail Mounting Adapter SECC Panel Mounting Bracket
  • Plug-in screw terminal wiring: Accepts AWG 1-#12 to #22 (0.5 to 2.5mm) wires
  • Supported baud rate (bps): 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K, 57.6K, 115.2K
  • Isolation voltage: 3000VDC
  • RS-422/RS-485 connector: plug-in screw terminal
  • Power consumption: 0.7W
  • Operating temperature: 0~70 (32~158)
  • Storage temperature: -25~85 (13~185)
  • Humidity: 5~95%, non-condensing

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