DT7837 임베디드 ARM 소음 진동 동적 신호 분석기

4 IEPE 채널, 24 비트 해상도, 최대 102.4 KS / s의 / 채널
• 디지털 I / O, 카운터 / 타이머, 타코미터
24 비트, 다이나믹 파형 생성을 위한 아날로그 출력
TI의 AM335x SDK 필수 버전 7.0을 사용한 오픈 소스 리눅스 컴퓨팅 플랫폼
호스트 통신을위한 이더넷 및 USB 클라이언트
다양한 예제 프로그램, 무료 소스 코드 제공

Dynamic Signal Analyzer with Embedded ARM

The DT7837 is a high accuracy dynamic signal acquisition module for noise, vibration, and acoustic measurements with an embedded Cortex-A8 1GHz ARM processor. Four, 24-bit, IEPE (ICP®) sensor input data can be algorithmically processed in real time with the optional use of a 24-bit stimulus D/A generator and the results presented to a host for analysis. Complete source code is provided that can be modified and used without any restrictions. Further examples show how to develop an embedded application for any specific purpose using various open-source libraries and utilities.

Key Features:
  • 4 IEPE channels, 24-bit resolution, up to 102.4 kHz simultaneous sampling 
  • Digital I/O (8 In/8 Out), Counter/Timers, Tachometer 
  • High speed, 24-bit, stimulus analog output for dynamic waveform generation 
  • TI AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 MPU with 2GB on-board NAND Flash memory 
  • Open-source Linux computing platform using the TI AM335x SDK Essentials Version 7.0 
  • SD-Card interface for measurement results and raw data 
  • USB-host port for additional SSD hard disk, Wireless LAN, or GSM communication stick 
  • RS232 (3.3V) serial interface to communicate with PLC 
  • Ethernet and USB client for host communication 
  • Numerous example programs and free source code provided

DT7837 Software Installation

This file is a self-extracting compressed archive that will install the source code for the DT78xx kernel device drivers, device tree, and examples under the --target directory on your Linux host computer when executed. Before executing this file, refer to the DT7837 Getting Started help file for detailed instructions on setting up a host for development. [Release Notes]


If you need to update the FPGA or NAND flash of your module or in the unlikely event that the NAND flash of the DT7837 module gets corrupted, this file can be copied to an SD card for use by the DT7837 module. Refer to the DT7837 Getting Started help file for detailed instructions on updating the FPGA and/or restoring the NAND flash using this file.

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