Probe Accelerometer 프루브형 진동센서

이 프루브센서는 이동 가능한 응용 제공합니다. 정교한 제동 시스템은  열악한 진동 환경에서 우수한 재현성을 제공합니다. 모델 KST94 10만회 시험 사이클의 뛰어난 수명 가지고있습니다.
Probe Accelerometer          KST94C-4N     KST94C-9N
Sensitivity 100 mV/g 100 mV/g
Measuring range ±20 g ±40 g
Pressure force 3.6 N 9 N
Stroke 5.5 mm 5.5 mm
Maximum vibration magnitude 1 mm (peak-peak) 1 mm (peak-peak)
Linear frequency range (±3 dB) 40 .. 3200 Hz 40 .. 4500 Hz
Connector UNF 10-32 UNF 10-32
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Calibration adapter for KST94
Application Example:

Vibration Testing at Motors, Gear Boxes etc. in Production Plants with KST94 and VM-FFT+


  • The KST94 with its movable tip can be automatically pressed against the test object by pneumatic force.
  • By its internal vibration isolation the KST94 can measure precisely even in noisy environments.
  • An M302 USB sensor interface samples the data.
  • By the software VM-FFT+ the measuring signal is displayed in frequency domain. Measurement can be triggered via a digital input.
  • An arbitrary limit curve allows frequency-selective alarms which can be transmitted, for example, by the industrial switch modules of ADAM series.

Data sheet (250 kB)
Mounting instructions (400 kB)

Calibration adapter KST94CA (40 kB)

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