Building Vibration 건물의 진동 VM40

• 구조 진동 측정 (DIN4150-3) 및 연방 교통국 (FTA) 표준 BS 7385, SN 640312a, Circulaire 23/07/86 에 준거함
• 신호 컨디셔닝, 모니터링, 기록 및 고감도 3축 가속도계 포함
• 안전을 위한 사용자 설명서
• 연속 FFT에 의해 메인 주파수 측정
• 최대 100 000 측정 기록을 위해 시간과 이벤트 트리거 기록
• VM40B 모데른 알람 이벤트시 SMS 알림을 포함
• 자율 필드 응용을 위해 견고한 알루미늄 케이스 포함

Triaxial Vibration Monitor


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Monitored quantities
Peak value (ppvpeak particle velocity)
Measuring ranges
Acceleration: 0.01 - 15 m/s²;
Velocity: 0.1 - 2400 mm/s at 1 Hz; 0.1 - 30 mm/s at 80 Hz (frequency dependent)
Frequency ranges (-3 dB)
0.8 - 100 Hz; 0.8 - 395 Hz; 5 - 150 Hz
Displayed data
3 peak values (X/Y/Z) or vector sum, main frequency, 50-line FFT spectrum
Alarm notification
Warning and alarm LEDs,
relay output, change-over, max. 100 VDC / 2 A
SMS alarm function
no GSM functions
Quad band GSM,
SMS notification at alarm events, including the measuring values X/Y/Z, date, time and device name
USB, PC software tool for canversion of stored data into csv format for Excel etc.
Power supply
Internal rechargeable battery, 5 to 15 days operation (depending on GSM usage), charging approx. 10 h with mains adapter, unlimited operation by external USB power supply
Data sheet (250 kB)
Instruction manual (3 MB)
The latest version of the software data export from the VM40 to a PC can be found on our download page.
Firmware update
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